A Butterfly Named After a Vegetable?

Longtime followers of my blog know I enjoy butterflies. At times they appear to be beautiful wildflowers brought to life, dancing from place to place with sunshine bringing out their sparkling colorations.

A mid-summer day in a wilderness alpine meadow is the best place to experience the magic of butterflies. But, I enjoy seeing them on my outings in urban nature parks and backyard too.

On a warm, sunny springtime day, butterflies can be found almost anywhere flowers are in bloom. I sometimes see them competing for nectar with bees and even hummingbirds at times.

What a nice time of the year.


Cabbage White Butterfly


Solomon Seal

Wild Raspberry, Wild Rose and Star Flower


Mt. Hood from Council Crest


Spotted Towhee

Interesting stairs

Azalea, Maple and Thimbleberry







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