Southwest Desert Trip III: Sandpipes in Kodachrome Basin State Park


After a memorable, but cold, morning at Bryce Canyon National Park, Dan and I drove southeast to Kodachrome Basin State Park. We took the last of the campsites and set up our tent. Immediately, several Chukar Partridges and Blacktailed Jackrabbits were in and out of our campsite.ย They were completely without fear of humans and actually provided pretty good company to us.

The Park has 67 sand pipes (rock pillars) ranging in height from six to 170 feet, occurring no where else in the world. They stand as sentries to the campground and are found throughout the Park.

As an interlude, I have mentioned many times in the past that Dan is not only a great friend for far too many years to count, but he is also a world-class guide. For a change, this trip we managed to go to a few places he had not visited and Kodachrome was one of those. But, it only took a few moments and Dan was at home in the Park. It is truly an amazing talent that he has, extending from the Alaskan Interior to the Desert Southwest.


Angels Palace Trail

Since we had some time before darkness arrived, I hiked (did some bushwhacking too) the two-mile Angels Palace Trail. The Trail provided spectacular vistas of the Basin and close-ups of several sand pipes. After returning to camp, we enjoyed an amazing array of stars in the sky, unobstructed by haze or lights. Kodachrome was a great place to visit.



What is that next to the Pepsi machine?




Desert country

Camping grounds


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  1. How very wonderful to see these photos and hear about your adventures in Kodachrome Basin SP, John. I loved seeing the sandpipes and landscapes, and what a terrific event to see the chukar!

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