Autumn Arrives in the West Hills of Portland

Marquam Nature Park

I enjoy exploring the urban woods and surrounding areas near home. Marquam Nature Park is always a treat.

 In spring and early summer the colorful flowers, especially wildflowers, butterflies and songbirds are welcome sights.

In early autumn the hardwood leaves begin to turn and fall from their lofty heights, squirrels are searching for morsels to hide for the winter, and the sounds of skeins of geese flying south permeant the sky. It’s a time of change.

A sure sign of Fall


Urban Wildlife

With the leaves falling off the trees and bushes, the scenery opens up. It’s much easier to spot deer, coyotes and other critters. 

Urban Blacktail Deer

Late bloomers

Pacific Sideband Snail on the move

Flicker Trail

Song Sparrows


Autumn Flowers


Sign of Fall

Maples leaves displaying their fall colors

Angry Gray Squirrel

Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens & Mt. Adams from Council Crest

Leaves falling on the Marquam Trail


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