Timothy Lake and Mt. Hood too

Mid-summer with sunshine at a trailhead in the early morning – – – what a great way to start the day.

I was standing 15 miles south of Mt. Hood in  a large sub-alpine meadow near the Little Crater Campground.

In a short distance I reached Little Crater Lake, 100 feet wide, 45 feet deep and crystal blue to its very bottom where an artesian spring feeds the lake.

Another one-quarter mile led to an intersection with the Pacific Crest Trail. Turning south, I began the 12-mile loop hike around picturesque Timothy Lake.

The magnificent view of Mt. Hood over Timothy Lake has been the source of a multitude of magazine covers over the years.

I thought to myself – – – Is there any prettier place in the world than the Pacific Northwest on a summer day?

Mt. Hood over Timothy Lake (too much ripple to get a good reflection)

An alert Gray Jay

Little Crater Lake

Rosy Spiraea

Mallard Duck


Mt. Hood behind Timothy Lake



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