Colorful Autumn Leaves in Portland Heights

What a pretty time of the year. Portland is sometimes called the City of Trees.

In the fall the hardwood leaves turn their bright autumn colors.

A few days before Halloween on a bluebird day, I broke out the camera and took some photos.

Soon the late fall and winter rains will come, all the leaves will have fallen and I’ll just have memories of the beautiful autumn days.

And, I’ll have my photos to remind me of changing of the seasons.

Portland Heights

Spider Web

Split-leaf Maple

Portland Heights

Domaine Serene

Maple Tree


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  1. One of my favorite memories as a little girl in Redmond, waiting for the bus on a frosty morning, was the ice/dew sparkling on the spider webs. Their homes became crystal palaces that still make me smile to think of them. Beautiful photos, John.

  2. The City of Trees! What a lovely promotional line for a city — it conjures up a place that is more in touch with nature. (And certainly better than slug lines that talk only about “energy” or “business” or “biggest” or “best”. If I had to live in a city, it sounds like a place that would appeal to me. City of Trees. Love it. 🙂

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