An Autumn Hike around Timothy Lake

Early November, low 40°s, cloudy and a promise of rain later in the day. Gusty winds putting a chill in the air.  What a great way to start the day.

I was standing 15 miles south of Mt. Hood in  a large sub-alpine meadow near the Little Crater Campground. In a short distance I reached Little Crater Lake, 100 feet wide, 45 feet deep and crystal blue to its very bottom where an artesian spring feeds the lake.

Soon there were loud crashing sounds in a tree nearby the trail. Thinking it could be a black bear, I moved closer to the noise. Imagine my surprise when a mature bald eagle came roaring out of the tree. I suspected there was a ripe carcass nearby (deer, elk?) but never spotted it.

The magnificent view of Mt. Hood over Timothy Lake has been the source of a multitude of magazine covers over the years. But, not this day – – – too many clouds.

At the ten-mile mark, I took a side detour to Mediation Point on the north side of the Lake.

Is there a nicer 12 1/2-mile hike in the fall?

Little Crater Lake

Folks fishing on Timothy Lake

Golden needles of Tamarack trees

Crystal clear Little Crater Lake

Pleasant stretch of trail

Timothy Lake

                    Mt. Hood behind Timothy Lake (photo taken on a sunny summer day several years ago)

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  1. Golden tamarack among the dark green — gorgeous. Early November, low 40’s? It’s early November and low 20’s here. 🙂

  2. Wow! Gorgeous! Makes me wish I lived closer to all that. Little Crater is stunning.

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