A Cold and Gusty Visit to Stacker Butte

The hike to Stacker Butte in early spring is a favorite.

There’s a raw beauty to the Oak-Savannah country that I truly enjoy. It brings back many fond memories of growing up in North Central Washington.

But, in mid-December as I emerged into the exposed, open areas, the very cold and miserable wind gusts began beating me around. I turned back after about one mile, promising myself I would return in March when the wild  flowers are in bloom.

It took my face about an hour to defrost in the car. I guess I just don’t have the tolerance to harsh weather like I used to.

The Columbia River far below on a cold day


Oak trees and a skiff of snow on the steep slopes of Stacker Butte

FAA tracking site on the summit of Stacker Butte on a less stormy day




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  1. WOW, the shorest post that I have seen, must have been a harsh day. Save this one for spring.

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