What’s Up Virginia?

It was a cold December day.  There was a bite in the air and concrete skies above.

A day to take an interesting hike around marshy, wildlife-rich Virginia Lake.

Small birds, mainly golden-crowned sparrows and spotted towhees, were out searching for food. And, skeins of raucous geese were flying high above.

Several sailboats were anchored in the Multnomah Channel.

A nice way to enjoy at 4 1/2 mile outing (two loops around the Lake).

Happy New Year!

Multnomah Channel

Wood bridge over a marshy area


Virginia Lake

Multnomah Channel

Virginia Lake




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  1. I can feel the winter cold in your first photo. It’s cold right now in San Antonio, Texas too. 25 degrees last night and supposed to be 23 degrees tonight. Really harsh for the plants around here…It was 70 degrees just a few days ago!


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