Memaloose Hills on a Stormy Winter’s Day

The Memaloose Hills are west of the Rowena Plateau, accessible from the Memaloose Overlook parking area.

In early spring the area is famous for its colorful wildflowers.

In late February there were a few early wildflowers, mostly purple grass widows. Alas for the flowers, it had snowed and the temperatures were below freezing.

It is a tough life being an early wildflower north of the 45th Parallel.

As always, Memaloose is a fine place to enjoy an outing. But, the concrete skies and snow flurries were not great for taking photographs.

A snowy view down the Columbia River Gorge

A cold Grass Widow

Memaloose Island in the Columbia River

Snowy trail leading up a Memaloose Hill

Small Cattail pond along the lower trail

Summit of first of the Memaloose Hills

McCall Point nearby





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