A Glacial Age Outing in the Roaring River Wilderness

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Serene Lake

The six square-mile Roaring River Wilderness, about 70 miles from home, is a real treat – – – glacial-gouged lakes, open sub-alpine meadows, old-growth timber, huckleberries and rough terrain.

The views are excellent of Mt. Hood and the surrounding area.

After parking near Hideaway lake, I spent seven hours on a beautiful, sunny day hiking a 12 1/2-mile loop with many steep ascents and descents along the way.

Shellrock Lake, the Rock Lakes, Serene Lake and Cache Meadow were some of the highlights of the trek.

Truly a spectacular outing.

Serene Lake


Cache Meadows

Ripe Huckleberry

Shellrock Lake

Fritillary Butterfly

Into the Wilderness

Douglas’s Spiraea

A hazy (wildfire smoke) Mt. Hood behind a True Fir

Lower Rock Lake

Vine Maple leaves turning their fall colors in mid-August on the shore of Serene Lake





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  1. JOHN,
    Again, thank you for the beautiful pictures and narrative. I’m a little melancholy thinking of your mom(birthday yesterday) my dad our Uncle Herb and Aunt Peggy, all of our family,
    God Bless You

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