Early Morning on the Central Oregon Coast

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Oregon Coast

A beautiful sunny day greeted us on our last morning on the Oregon Coast. We were enjoying our stay north of Depoe Bay.

I walked down to the beach where Fogarty Creek flows into the Ocean.

I had plenty of company from seagulls and folks stretching their legs.

A sunny spring day on the Oregon Coast is hard to beat.

Cherry Blossom

View from the Clarion

Surfs up

Best smoked salmon around


Ocean waves



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  1. Fantastic set of photos celebrating the Oregon Coast, John. Enjoyed the detail of the delicate cherry blossom. I chuckled at the “beach combers,” for it included gulls and humans. A crisp and gorgeous photo overlooking the beach from the Clarion. And my favorite photo, although I truly liked each one here, was the last one. Somehow you expressed the power of the waves, I love seeing the green water, and the stirred-up seaweed and foamy white of the waves — exquisite.

  2. I can tangibly feel the beauty of that day and your time there, John. The crashing waves, the cloudless sky – I can hear the gulls and smell the ocean. Masterfully done.

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