Boiler Bay

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Boiler Bay

In late March we stayed on the Oregon Coast near Depoe Bay.

On our second day we took a very pleasant, sunny drive south to Yachats. Because whales were migrating, we stopped at various overlooks along the Coast.

Near Boiler Bay several volunteer whale spotters swore they saw whale spouts far out in the ocean while we were standing there.

On the way back we stopped at Oldtown Newport. It’s always colorful, and a fun place to grab some clam chowder and fish & chips.

There’s always something magical about the Oregon Coast.

My Favorite Model near Boiler Bay

A peaceful spot



Tidal pool


Pacific Ocean

Sweet Colt’s Foot








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  1. Enjoyed this refreshing visit to the Oregon Coast, John. Your favorite model looks so relaxed and happy beside the sea. And the sights you saw, beautifully coastal. I like that tide pool. Thank you.

  2. Newport is a fun town! Have you eaten at the Rogue Brewery? Even if one doesn’t drink, the food is excellent and atmosphere fun.

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