The Beautiful Tarns below McNeil Point on Mt. Hood

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McNeil Point

Pacific Northwest hikers wait with great anticipation for a warm summer day to visit a beautiful alpine area. All the rainy day hikes through dense forest are immediately forgotten.

My favorite destination is the McNeil Point area on Mt. Hood via Bald Mountain.

Wildflowers of almost every color decorate the open meadows drawing dancing butterflies to their petals.

As the sun moves across the sky it creates ever changing patterns on the glacier-covered summit of the mountain.

As I sat and rested near the upper tarn (alpine lake), I savored the beautiful alpine scenery.

Another grand day in the Pacific Northwest!

Mt. Hood reflected in tarn below McNeil Point

Clodius Parnassian Butterfly enjoying a Sitka Mountain Ash

Hikers enjoying the view of Mt. Hood

Cascades Frogs enjoying the sun

Silvery Blue Butterfly

Tarn below McNeil Point

Gray Jay

Trail around Bald Mountain

California Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Into the Wilderness

Painted Lady Butterfly

Cascades Frog’s eggs floating in a tarn

Mt. Hood from Bald Mountain





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  1. I’ve been reading your posts for years and I never get tired of your pictures and adventures.

  2. These are all wonderful. The reflection is stunning, but then Mt. Hood is always awe-inspiring. The vibrant green is a great contrast to our drab brown and tan out here in the desert. The myriad of wildlife that you capture so well always brings me a feeling of joy. I have never seen frog eggs before so thank you for the education – they are fascinating! Spectacular post, John! Thank you!

  3. Truly outstanding hike today, John, and your photos are so lovely. I really appreciate you knowing and naming the species of plants, butterflies, birds, everything. That trail around Bald Mtn. looks tricky. The reflection photos in the tarn below McNeil Point are outstanding, also really liked seeing the hikers. And I heard myself gasp when I scrolled to the frog egg photo. Fantastic find!

    • Thanks much the kind comments. Knowing the names of wildflowers, butterflies, small birds and other things helps to bring the beauty of the wilderness alive when hiking.

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