Mt. Hood Wildflowers

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McNeil Point

As I mentioned in my last post, one of my favorite hiking destinations is the McNeil Point area on Mt. Hood via Bald Mountain.

Wildflowers of almost every color decorate the open meadows.

Here is a sampling of the vibrant wildflowers from early July.

The colorful alpine scenery reminded me of how much I enjoy summertime in the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon Anemone


Wild Rose

Blue Field Gilia

Red Columbine (Joker’s Hat?)




White Rhododendron

Avalanche Lilies







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  1. So many beautiful and vivid wildflowers! Each is beautiful in its own right. I think my favorite is the Oregon Anemone although the Red Columbine is very stunning. The Blue Field Gilia – it reminds me of the blown glasswork done by Chihuly, which I am fascinated by. Thank you, John!


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