Early Autumn East of the Cascade Mountains

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Central Oregon

In early autumn between long day hikes, I explored the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains.

The Metolius River was lined with autumn colors. Mule deer were feeding in open meadows.

Mt. Jefferson was crowned with fresh snow. Ruffed grouse were looking for food to eat.

I was blessed with cool, crisp mornings and sunny days. What could be better?

Mule Deer enjoying a tasty treat

Metolius River

I’ve been spotted

Ruffed Grouse

Tamarack needles turning golden

Mt. Jefferson

Metolius River

Mule Deer posing


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  1. Wow! The wildlife pictures are so close and vivid. I love the Metolius river and how you can see the movement within its waters. I see Mt Jefferson is completely covered now. The autumn colors still line the river but I imagine they will not be there much longer with the colder temperatures coming. I so enjoy your posts, John.

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