A Blacktail Buck Surprise

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Columbia River Gorge

In early January it was a fun day to be outdoors.

The oak leaves crunched under my boots as I scouted some areas near Mosier and later by Centerville.

Deer tracks and black bear sign were commonplace. And, to my surprise, I spotted a large blacktail buck deer and several does.

It’s always fun seeing a buck with antlers spreading out beyond and above its ears. That’s what all hunters look for, whether it’s with a rifle or a camera.

I look forward to returning in several months when the wildflowers begin to bloom.

A big Blacktail Buck spots me

A hint of a rainbow near Centerville

Columbia River flowing west toward The Dalles

Blacktail Buck deciding to head out

Some of the almost uncountable windmills east of Centerville









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  1. Those views of the skies are particularly vibrant and breathtaking.

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