A Pleasant Hike through History to Butteville

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Oregon History

When did Oregon decide to become a USA territory rather than an appendage of Canada? I decided to visit the location of the deciding vote.

Champoeg Park is on the Willamette River about 20 miles south of Portland.

I began by taking a short loop to the west along the River. After returning to a pavilion where the historical 52-50 vote occurred in 1843, I hiked easterly on a cinder path, which soon turned to a paved lane along the River.

After a detour to an 1845 pioneer woman’s gravesite, I explored a nature hike loop.

Then began the two-mile trek behind La Butte to Butteville, a scenic little town on the Willamette River. After taking a break at the Butteville Store, originally opened in 1863, I began the return to the Trailhead.

A very pleasant 8 1/2-mile hike indeed.

A Fox Squirrel “hiding” from me

The Pavilion celebrating the vote of 1843

Has anyone ever seen a “Live End”?

A pleasant nature trail leads by the pioneer woman’s grave site

There are yurts, small cabins and RV sites in the campgrounds

Cottonwoods reflecting in the Willamette River

It’s easy to see why they moved the original town to a higher elevation after 1861

The historic Butteville Store

Boggy spot along the trail to Butteville

A sign at the Butteville Store – – – I wonder what they paid census workers in the 1860s when the store was originally opened






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  1. Love the little fox squirrel and the high water signs. Seems like an enjoyable hike. 🙂

    Some interesting answers to your question here: https://www.teachinghistory.org/history-content/ask-a-historian/22517

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