Little Crater Lake: Crystal Clear to Its Very Bottom

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Mt. Hood

I was standing 15 miles south of Mt. Hood in  a large sub-alpine meadow near the Little Crater Lake Campground. Amazingly enough in this coronavirus era, the campground and trail were open. In a short distance I reached the Lake, 100 feet wide, 45 feet deep and crystal blue to its very bottom where an artesian spring feeds the lake.

Early morning light on the summit of Mt. Hood

In normal times I would have walked over to the Pacific Coast Trail and hiked the 12-mile loop around Timothy Lake. But, this is not a normal time. Timothy Lake is currently closed to access.

Instead, I drove around the large lake and continued to the east side of Mt. Hood. The views of the mountain were spectacular in the clear blue skies.

Needless to say, I was not the only person out enjoying a nice Sunday day.

Shooting Stars

Little Crater Lake

Timothy Lake was closed

Trails have lots of blowdowns on them this time of year

Views of Mt. Hood

Little Crater Lake

Viewing platform on Little Crater Lake






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