1,000 WordPress Posts! Spring Wildflowers of the Columbia River Gorge

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Spring Wildflowers

In early June I hiked up to the rock gardens near the lower summit of Hardy Ridge. It’s on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge on the west end.

It was a beautiful sunny day.

Blue-eyed Mary

I spent several hours photographing wildflowers while enjoying a light breeze. One butterfly joined me for awhile. I was actually surprised that I didn’t see many more.

This was the first weekend that some of the Columbia River Gorge trails have been reopened due to the coronavirus. It was truly a highlight of my last couple of months of hiking.

This marks my 1,000th post on Word Press. Many thanks to all my followers.

I truly enjoy sharing my wilderness hikes and other adventures with you.

May I meet you on the trail one of these days.

Clodius Parnassian Butterfly (one of my favorites)

Columbia Wind Flower

Little Wild Rose and Clustered Wild Rose

Red Columbine and Tiger Lily

Yellow Parsley and Fine-tooth Penstemon

Gray’s Lovage

Arnica and Daisy

Lupine and Paintbrush




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  1. What a spectacular array of wildflowers you found, John. The photographs are gorgeous, displaying the vibrancy and life that only wildflowers can evoke. What a truly wonderful hike you had that day, no wonder you were so happily satiated from it. Congratulations on 1000 posts, my friend. Your reverence for the Columbia River Gorge and your special talents for sharing it throughout the hundreds of posts I have enjoyed, are what brought me back to your magnificent place on earth for a visit. May your trails always be lined with beauty and nature.

  2. Great photos John and congratulations on your 1,000 posting. It is great to see the Gorge again through your lens. And thanks for scouting for our little merry band. I am into my sixth year on the board of Friends of the Columbia Gorge thanks to your referral.

    • Thanks Geoff. It doesn’t seem like I’ve been leading AWEC for eight years either. And, I’m glad you’re enjoying being on the Gorge Board. They’re a good bunch of folks. Be well.

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