Beachie Wildfire Damage to Detroit Oregon

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September was a tough month in the Portland area. We faced a continuing onslaught of Covid-19 and unrest/violence in our downtown core. In addition, we suffered through a period of dense wildfire smoke.

In late October I took a drive east of Salem and over Santiam Pass on Highway 22. The road followed the Santiam River, reaching Mill City and then on to the small town of Detroit next to Detroit Lake.

The Beachie Wildfire (the cause of much of the dense wildfire smoke earlier in Portland) had wreaked an incredible amount of havoc along the highway. Detroit suffered greatly, losing seventy percent of the buildings in town.

The remains of a restaurant in Detroit that we ate at many times

The amount of pure destruction was near unbelievable. So many people’s life impacted!

I left the wildfire effects near Marion Forks, finally beginning to enjoy the drive and scenery.

Upon reaching the top of Santiam Pass, I pulled over and drank in the beauty of the high Cascades.

What a year 2020 has been.

Remains of a store in Detroit

Wildfire damage near Mill City

Remains of a motel in Detroit that I have stayed in often during fall deer season

Remains of the only gas station in Detroit

A few buildings in Detroit were saved



Three Fingered Jack from Santiam Pass





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  1. So heartbreaking

  2. Hi John, the last two posts did not come through correctly. Can’t open it. BTW did you hear that Maureen Carr passed away a couple of weeks ago.


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