The Beautiful Autumn Maples of Portland Heights

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West Hills

Portland Heights is famous for the rich colors it takes on every autumn when the foliage turns beautiful shades of red, orange, and gold. Many of the trees are native big-leave maples.

There are also many non-native, beautiful maple trees that come from places like Japan. They are all lovely and contribute much to the autumn beauty of the West Hills.

Portland Heights

When the sun shines bright on the colorful leaves, it feels like a magical time.

As all good things though, in a few days the leaves will have all fallen and the early winter weather will arrive.

Life is everchanging.

Portland Heights

Big-leaf Maples in Portland Heights

Maple in Portland Heights


Maple Tree

A hazy rainbow in Portland Heights

Big-leaf Maple leaves falling on a road near Sandy River

A reminder that winter will soon be here

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