Anna Hummingbirds in the New Year

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Winter in Portland

Amazingly enough, Anna hummingbirds overwinter in Portland. We have them come to our feeders year around.

Not long ago I photographed several enjoying the sugar water. They are always fun to watch.

Anna Hummingbird

They’re territorial, unless it gets very cold. Then they tend to be more friendly toward each other on the feeders.

Thankfully, they go into torpor during the night. But, as soon as it begins to lighten up in the morning, they are ready to eat.

Rainbow over Portland

Mt. St. Helens over Porland

Anna Hummingbirds last February on a below-freezing day




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  1. I’ve seen hummingbirds around and wondered how they survived. Of course, I forgot they’re cold-blooded. Happy New Year.


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