Wonderful Oak Savannah Country in February

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Eastern Columbia River Gorge

After stops near Memaloose Hills and the Deschutes River, I  explored the The Dalles Mountain Ranch area.

It’s part of the Columbia Hills Natural Area Preserve, located at the east end of the Columbia River Gorge in an Oak Savannah environment.

I would have got in some hiking, but it was a very windy day. 

Mt. Hood from The Dalles Mountain Ranch

The views were magnificent, with the Columbia River stretching far to the east, Mt. Jefferson sticking up to the south and tall Mt. Hood dominating the scenery. 

I always enjoy visiting the area. It truly has a stark beauty of its own.

Deschutes River (you can see an old wagon road from the late 1800s zigzagging down the mountain on the east side of the River)

Stormy view across the Columbia River from the Mosier area

A hazy Mt. Hood

A trail at the Dalles Mountain Ranch




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