A Cute Barred Owlet

Springtime in the West Hills of Portland

To my pleasant surprise, I spotted a barred owl about 12 feet off the Marquam Trail on a fallen tree. It was a fledgling owlet, covered with its fluffy, light-colored baby feathers.

 Thinking its mom might be close, I began looking carefully at the nearby trees. Sure enough, she was in the deep shadows of a mature tree about 50 feet away. I suspect their nest was in the vicinity too, but never saw it. 

I always enjoy the striking colorations of barred owls, even the young juveniles.

As I explore the urban woods and surrounding areas near home, the signs of springtime abound everywhere. I’m always looking for young animals and birds this time of the year.

Barred Owlet being coy


Adult Barred Owl


Barred Owlet

Wild Rose


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