The Exquisite Western Swallowtail and a Pink Piano

Portland Heights

I enjoy exploring the urban woods and surrounding areas near home. Marquam Nature Park is always a treat.

Colorful flowers, especially wildflowers, butterflies and songbirds are especially welcome to be seen.

In the midst of summer though, the pickings become slim. Portland traditionally receives very little rainfall in July and August.

But, there’s always something that catches my eye. Butterflies are an example. At times, they are like beautiful flowers flitting in the wind. If there was a single butterfly that captured this image, it would be a swallowtail.

A great resource book with beautiful photography is Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest by Robert Pyle and Caitlin LaBar. Caitlin has always been very kind about helping me with identifications of the various butterflies in my posts. 

Western Swallowtail

Daisy, Vetch and Ocean Spray

Gray Hairstreak Butterfly

A pretty garden along the way


Daisy, Great-hedge Nettle and green apples

Mt. Adams over Portland on a hazy day

Fun times on the Marquam Trail

A short-term resident of Council Crest

Folks taking advantage of the pink piano (the player was actually pretty good)

Pioneer Woman


Flicker Trail


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