Southwest Desert Trip IV: Fred Flintstone in Kodachrome Basin State Park

Panorama Point

It was a cold, windy night at Kodachrome Basin State Park. We waited for the sun to climb over the horizon and take some of the chill out of the air before breaking camp to begin the third day of our trip in Southern Utah. Before leaving the Park, we took the three-mile Panorama Loop Trail with Dan on his mountain bike and me on my feet.

The early morning light made the sand pipes look unworldly as we enjoyed the sights along the Trail. After Dan turned back toward the road, I hiked to the top of Panorama Point with views extending over the entire Park. 

Fred Flintstone Sand Pipe

Secret Passage Trail

By the way, the beautiful colors and contrasts of the sandstone chimneys prompted the National Geographic Society in 1949 to name the park Kodachrome with the consent of Kodak. It deserves the name and is a fine place to visit.

Dan’s Bike

Colorful rock

Sand Pipe

Jackrabbit country

Juniper and Sand Pipe

Mud turned to stone


Sand Pipe

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