A Scenic Hike on the North side of Mt. Hood

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Vista Ridge

After a few days of dense wildfire smoke in Portland it was time to head to the mountains. I parked at the very rough 4,500-foot trailhead for the Vista Ridge Trail on the north side of Mt. Hood. It was a crystal-clear morning.

After hiking through an area burnt by a 2011 wildfire, I met the Timberline Trail which circles Mt. Hood. A few more steps and I was at the open meadows of Wy’east Basin. The Ladd Glacier and the summit of Mt. Hood were seemingly close enough to touch.

I began hiking east to gain a wonderful overlook of Elk Cove and the Coe Glacier. Then, following an old climbers’ trail to the south, I soon reached Dollar Lake at 6,000 feet.

This is some of prettiest alpine scenery in the Pacific Northwest.

Sitka Mountain Ash berries

Coe Glacier

Fritillary Butterfly

Dollar Lake (think silver dollar)

Monkey Flower

Pearly Everlastings and Fireweed love the wildfire scorched soil

Ladd Glacier

Red Elderberries

Hikers in Wy’east Basin admiring Mt. Adams

Trail approaching Wy’east Basin

Early morning light on the northwest side of Mt. Hood









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  1. Vista Ridge is one of our favorite hikes too! Can’t beat the triplet of Eden Park, Cairn Basin and W’yest Basin. Nice flower show in the old burn…

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