Ravens and Blacktails on the Rowena Plateau

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Rowena Plateau

It’s a delight to visit the east side of the Columbia River Gorge on a sunny day, even in early January. With the green grass and temperatures in the 40’s, it felt like springtime.

The Rowena Plateau is a basalt mesa overlooking the Columbia River. Ice Age floods scoured the top of the plateau.

One can spot kolk lakes, depressions created by the floods, while enjoying the amazing views up and down the Columbia River.

As an added bonus, I spotted a couple of blacktail deer near the trailhead. They clearly weren’t very bothered by my presence.

While photographing them, a pair of ravens flew down to investigate. They seemed to be enjoying the pretty day as much as I was.

A Blacktail Deer taking a break

Small lake on the Plateau

Western edge of Plateau with the Columbia River in the distance


Kolk Lake

Eroded basalt

Noisy entrance to the Rowena Plateau



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