Fogarty Creek Bay Outing

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Depoe Bay

Sunshine awakened us on a beautiful sunny day on the Oregon Coast. We were enjoying our stay north of Depoe Bay.

We decided to take advantage of the sunshine and low tides to explore the tidal pools where Fogarty Creek flows into the Ocean.

Tidal pools are always fascinating, although this day the tide didn’t recede enough to see the colorful anemones and other unique denizens seen at very low tides.

For an early spring day it could not have been a prettier outing. Seagulls and crows kept us company as we explored a long stretch of beach.

What a wonderful way to spend a morning.

My Favorite Model at the beach

A hard way to get a drink of water

Colorful rock formations along the beach




Snack time for Crows

Mussel shell

Surfs up

Gull on the fly


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