Umbrella Falls and More

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Mt. Hood

For a change of pace, I drove to the east side of Mt. Hood near the Meadows Ski Resort.

Since it was going to get hot, I decided to hike up into the alpine meadows. And, to make it interesting, see a waterfall or two.

Above timberline on Mt. Hood, about three weeks too late for the alpine wildflower show

After parking, I soon reached 100-foot Sahalie Falls mostly hidden in a deep cut surrounded by dense forest.

In another several miles 60-foot Umbrella Falls appeared, a pretty spreading angled slide. It was a very pleasant area with nice campsites nearby.

From here it was only 1 1/2 miles to the Timberline Trail and lots of exploring of the alpine meadows above.

A very nice hike indeed!

Pearly Everlasting

Goldenrods adding beauty to an alpine meadow

Umbrella Falls

Timberline Trail sign and the Umbrella Falls trail approaching the Timberline area

Large meadows near beginning of trail, several thousand feet below timberline

Sitka Mountain Ash covered with berries

Umbrella Falls

Umbrella Falls (on a previous hike with better light)



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