Blacktail Deer and Spring Wildflowers

Early in spring I explored two parks in and around Portland. The first was Stub Steward State Park located in the northern coastal mountains. There was still a few inches of snow on the ground. To my pleasant surprise, we spotted four blacktail deer feeding near the timber. Always a nice sight to see.

The other park, which I hike in often, was the Marquam Nature Park located in the West Hills of the City. I spotted four different wildflowers in bloom, or about to bloom. There were also some colorful early domestic flowers in bloom too.

The woods are beginning to come alive.

Blacktail Deer


I wonder why they are called Blacktail Deer?

Domestic Flowers

I’ve been spotted

Toothwort, Indian Plum and Stream Violet

Nursery Stump

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  1. Great photos, John, and a joy to see the flora and fauna of the woods. And what a treat to see the trilliums, especially.

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